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sideManager and the QR Codes (Quick Response Codes) 

The truth is that QR codes are getting more and more popular. You now see them everywhere, on News Papers, Magazines even on electoral signs.

sideManager is making this technology available to you for all your properties.

We are targeting your customers for you!

You can use the QR Code

    • In print advertising or marketing materials allowing you to save space and build interest.
    • In trade show and events.
    • In magazines
    • On business cards or presentation cards.
    • On the front of your building.

The potential tenants will have access to detailed information relative to rental price, maps, detailed description and photos directly on their mobile phone. They can share that information with friends, family or even on Facebook. They can send you messages or schedule a visit.

The end result is that you will receive requests from prequalified tenants and you will spend less time, less effort and less money to achieve the goal of finding a new tenant.

Basically the QR Codes add value and trust to your business. Allow your future customers to easily engage and opens doors to the community that your customers belong to.

sideManager on your mobile phone 

sideManager Mobile has a key role for property owners and property managers as a decision making tool.

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Video Tips!

sideManager on Mobile Phones

sideManager Mobile plays a key role for property owners and property managers as a decision making tool.

sideManager Website Express

The value of a strong web presence!

90% of all home rentals used the Internet as an information source.