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Do More in Less time!

Measure Optimize and Perform

sideManager has everything you need to evaluate and help you take the right decisions at the right time.

sideManager Reports and Alerts Tools help you understand, then alter your marketing strategy and management to maximize your profit.

Stand Out in the Industry

Use cutting-edge technologies to manage, promote and market your properties with sideManager, a SaaS (software-as-a-service) business application.

Take key decisions and act "ON THE GO" using sideManager Mobile.
Get in touch with your increasingly tech-savvy clientele using Social Media avenues such as Facebook and Twitter.

Market your properties in News-papers and Magazines or even on your business card using the QR Codes for a quick and, easy access, to detailed information about your properties directly on cell phones.

What to expect?

You have to see sideManager as a tool to automate and free up your time, a tool that will optimize your team's performance, a tool that will help you and your company to achieve more in less time with fewer resources.

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Video Tips!

sideManager on Mobile Phones

sideManager Mobile plays a key role for property owners and property managers as a decision making tool.

sideManager Website Express

The value of a strong web presence!

90% of all home rentals used the Internet as an information source.